Arsenic and Old Lace

Exclusive, one-of-a-kind handbags and others beautiful things

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I have a new item: patterns for download - some are free and some with a small charge.

Some patterns you will find in my ravelry-account.

My handbags, dresses and accessoires are made of antique, minimum 50 years old, some even over 100 years old, doilies, fabrics and laces. I find those treasures on  fleamarkets and in second-hand-stores, some are gifts from dear and nice people.  Every item is a hand made one-of-a-kind piece, you will never find again.

Small spots on the doiles and laces are not a sign of "dirt", they are a quality mark, that these materials are real and long time used fabrics. I try to solve those spots as careful as possible.


Here you will find my handbags:

My pendants and bag-straps are also handmade done by myself, using antique lace-borders, fabric-bands, pearls, small buttons and other things.

My fashionable accessoires for neck and hand are also handmade, using the techniques of knitting and crocheting.


Here you will find the  accessoires


Here you will find the pendants


Here you will find the bag-straps


And here you will find the dresses


Made of cardboard and old music-note-papers I create hearts, stars and other things to hang into your window, on your wall or with a stick, to put into a flower-bouqet. Have a look here

Pick your favorite handbag out of my store. choose a strap and a pendant. I'll send you your dream of old laces for a all-in-on price. 

More informations on the articles.

I love to create some of my suggested items out of your own fabrics and heirlooms from your mother or grandmother.

Just ask and I will make your own, very unique, one-of-a-kind item. Contact

Very new in stock - dresses!!!

Made of the undergowns of the beginning 20th century, I create charming, unique dresses for ladies and girls. The dresses are hand diyed, also the laces and borders. Flowers, trimmings and bands are attached to the dresses, making absolutely unique gowns, no one else will have.

Here you'll find the dresses!